Can I save on energy?

7 out of 10 Aussie households are paying too much for electricity.

But the deals are complicated. CHOICE has done the numbers to give you a one-step tool that shows exactly how much you can save by switching.

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On average, our customers save $505 a year

Harry saves $653 a year

As Transformer is from CHOICE, I am confident that it is impartial and acts in my best interest.

Harry Korpetutuncu, Melbourne VIC 

Louise saves $1104 a year

Transformer cut through the confusion to find me really significant savings.

Louise Bonney, Clyde VIC 

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Research by CHOICE: "Australians aren't switching to cheaper plans". Comparison performed 3/5/2018
Number of retailers compared 33 12 10 12
Switches for you
Keeps you on the best deal
No commissions or pushy phone calls

How it works

We check your bill

Send us your latest electricity bill for a free analysis, and find out if you're being overcharged.

The best deal for you

If we find a better deal you can join up and we'll switch you.

Even better deal? We'll switch you again

Electricity plans get worse over time. We’ll keep switching you, so you keep on saving.

Most Australians pay too much for energy

We've done the research

In research conducted with our partner MI Retail Energy, CHOICE have found that 7 out of 10 Australians should be paying less for energy. We’re overpaying an average $324 annually per household - sometimes over $1,500 a year! That’s a massive $2 billion that we could be spending on more of the things that matter.

Changing is complicated

Haven’t switched your plan recently? We understand why. Misleading discounts, confusion around exit fees and plans that get worse over time make it almost impossible to figure out the best deal. Even if you do wade through all that confusing detail, CHOICE research has found most people don’t make the switch.

Find out for free if you can save

We want to make electricity cheaper and easier for everyone. That’s why Can I Save On Energy? is free - just send us your bill. And if we find you a better deal, our switching service CHOICE Transfomer takes all the hassle out of moving plans. For $99 we'll take care of everything - including checking each subsequent bill, so you stay saving.

All the details

We use an analytical system developed by our partner, energy economist Dr Bruce Mountain. First we estimate your annual energy cost if you don’t switch. Then we estimate the cost if you do switch to the best deal on the market. The difference between those costs is how much you’ll save. In our research we have analysed over 600 energy bills and found average annual savings of $324.
Think of Transformer as your personal agent on the electricity market. Our technology tracks every publicly available deal on the market, daily (at last count there were over 3,000 offers). All you need to do is email us a PDF of your bill, and our automated system takes care of the rest. It’s that easy.
Because we’re 100% independent, we don’t take commissions from electricity retailers. That means we’ll only ever recommend a plan that’s right for you. And we check the market daily, to make sure you stay on a great deal. We sweat the small stuff too – things like solar, exit fees, bundling, controlled loads and tariff types. We take care of all the details so you get a truly personalised deal.
Once we’ve analysed your electricity usage and current plan, we’ll compare it to plans that are right for you. If we can find a better deal, we’ll let you know how much you can save.
It’s free to have your bill analysed. If we can save you money, you can join and let us switch you to the plan with the greatest savings. After this, you can sit back and relax, because we’ll keep on checking to make sure you stay on a great deal.
Just email us your latest PDF electricity bill. If you get paper bills, contact your electricity supplier and ask them to email it to you as a PDF.
We’re taking action on electricity because you deserve a better deal. Australians are paying some of the highest electricity costs in the world, and it’s really hard to compare and change plans. That’s why we’re creating Transformer, to make things better for everyone.
Transformer works in states with a deregulated energy market - NSW, Victoria, South Australia and South East Queensland.

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We store your information securely and privately

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